AnnoScore is a web-based service that provides high-quality verification reports by analyzing
the diversity, syntactic accuracy, semantic accuracy, and validity of AI data.

AnnoScore provides an easy-to-use template that goes beyond industry-demanded reports. By inputing the data according to the template form guide, a report is automatically generated and a result graph of data analysis is provided to improve the quality of the report. It also supports the data upload and verification regardless of the format and program it has been worked, and allows to derive data analysis results easily and quickly by shortening the verification process.

Labeling Data Information Analysis

AnnoScore developed a labeling data statistical information analysis function to examine processed objects.
It allows a self-verification of non-post-processed data, and provides various statistical information.

  • Color Histogram

    Mistagging detection through color-based similarity comparison
    between processed objects with distinct color information

  • Shape Type

    Data analysis support
    regardless of shape type

  • Blur Count

    Establish non-identification processing standard based on
    Blur coefficient for data with ambiguous non-identification criteria

  • Anomaly Detection

    For objects with uniform ratio, specific objects with crop and occlusion
    can be extracted through Anomaly Detection.

AnnoScore Key Features

IOU and AP effectiveness
evaluation for quality verification
IOU and AP Validation Function

AnnoScore provides IOU and AP validation capabilities, allowing Institutions to improve the reliability and value of their data.

Provide Precision Recall Graphs

By providing mAP and mIOU evaluation as a graph, it easily allows to grasp the average value of the intersection evaluation of Ground Truth bounding box, predict bounding box and Average Precision of each class at a glance.

GT file creation·editing
for data verification
Ground Truth Editing (GT)

GT is a comparison data management page that verifies accuracy. It is possible to designate and use GT data held by the institution or generate a new one with the annotation file for organizations without it.

GT Editor, file creation·editing

AnnoScore provides a self-developed GT editor and can leverage it to modify GT.

Data management and
syntax accuracy verification
Comprehensive Data Management

Upload and verification are available for all data format. It uploads annotation data (JSON, image), GT file, meta file, and evaluation model data, and enables comprehensive management regardless of the project.

Verifying Syntax Accuracy

When uploading a file, JSON parsing determines the validity of the data. Accuracy verification results can be observed in annotation after project creation.

Provide Data Analysis Set
Customize Labeling Data Analysis Set

AnnoScore’s default data analysis results can be filtered as desired to create a new analysis set. The analysis set custom function enables easy and fast data analysis and result extraction.

Generate high-quality reports

The analysis set provides a variety of statistical information and high quality report items for anyone to easily create reports. Detailed items can be created, and all items in the data analysis result can be downloaded with the Excel file export function.

Labeler Evaluation through
Annotation Management
Data Validation

An annotation list is created when data get imported after creating a project. During this process, limits are set in advance to prevent incorrect values from being entered, and data identified as ‘syntax errors’ are automatically excluded from the data analysis.

Provide Gallery View

The gallery view function allows to check the annotation area, which leads to a convenient self-validation of various data and reduction of bias.

Multi Project Management
Project simultaneous work·share

Possible to share projects among users of the same institution through the issuance of institution codes. Provides simultaneous work functions and enables efficient management and operation.

Project Convenience Features

AnnoScore provides project copy and creation functions, and allows to create multiple projects based on the project unit.