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Dear, customers?

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Found in 2020 centered on AI experts,
Annotation AI has been individually developing
training data processing tool AnnoWiz using deep
learning-based semi-automated labeling technology.
Now, our superior technology, competitive pricing,
and flexible response depending on demands led us to
meet our client’s needs and grow as a representative
AI training data building platform.

Annotation AI is leading Korea’s 4th industrial revolution in pursuit
of becoming a global AI & big data company.
Today, we step forward to take a role as a growth
platform for small- and mid-sized startups and lead big data/AI technologies.
회사소개 사진

Our Purpose

  • - To develop MLOps platform that can efficiently develop, manage, and operate the whole cycle of AI model development
  • - To provide a platform that can efficiently develop an AI model using high-quality AI training data building and training data for AI
목표 안내
MLOps 플랫폼 표

Manage and monitor pipelines in each process

  • - Workflow 분석 시스템 구축
  • - Monitor real-time status and create relationship charts for pipelines in each process
  • - Provide dynamic control, copy/modification features for similar training models and pipelines
Manage and monitor pipelines in each process