We help workers to focus on improving data quality by providing our semi-automated image labeling feature in previous labor-intensive data processing methods to invest more time in quality inspection of training data instead of spending time in simple labor. Have a look at our special products for Genesis with dynamic and elegant design and state-of-the-art technology.


Our regular project manager and quality check reviewer,
who manage client communication, real-time monitoring, and project management, are aware of related issues and conduct data inspection.
AI prediction feature processes high-quality data while reducing review time and reviewer fatigue.

전과정 모니터링 및 관리

We provide automated de-identification of private data to overcome restrictions on data utilization due to privacy issues.
Also provided is on-premise solution available on the close network for companies who value data security.

client private network

AnnoWiz Function

Auto-Annotation 소개 이미지
Draw the desired object through AnnoWiz’s auto polygon annotation technology to BBOX.
Then, the polygon annotation object in the BBOX is automatically created with the best points only.
This polygon can be modified easily.
Polygon 소개 이미지
This feature annotates the desired object’s boundary information and is used in training models for AI such as instance segmentation area.
Bounding Box 소개 이미지
Bounding Box
This feature annotates the desired object’s class and bbox information in the image and is used in training models for AI such as object detection area.
Keypoint 소개 이미지
This defines the points to represent objects or markers. Key points can be used alone or in combination to form the point map to define objects’ pose.
Polyline 소개 이미지
Polyline annotates lines of the desired object and is used in training models for self-driving area such as lane detection.
Cuboid annotates height, width, depth, rotation, and relative position information and is used in 3D object detection models.